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Since 1995, PowerKids Press has set the pace for providing a rich and diverse offering each academic season to support the needs of primary, emergent, and elementary readers.

Our high-interest, award-winning books are created to share information while provoking curiosity and exploration of our natural and social world. Our books provide the foundational learning experience that is related to language growth, emergent literacy, and reading achievement.

We agree with research findings that young children are likely to show preference for informational text—when given a choice.

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PowerKids Press in Reviews
"My kids will LOVE this book. . .HIGHLY RECOMMENDED"
—Jaime LeRoy, Young Elementary
poison!Poison! The Spitting Cobra and Other Venomous Animals
from the series Armed and Dangerous
Grades 2 3
"wonderful series of football team books"
—T. Nichols, Adams School
America's Greatest Teams
Grades 2 3
"valuable consciousness raisers"
—School LIbrary Journal
saveearthsanimals Save Earth's Animals!
Grades 2 3
"solid, vividly designed overviews"
—School LIbrary Journal
topdogs Top Dogs
Grades 2 3
"sure to be a discussion starter"
—Donna Smith, Lowell Smith Middle School
earthfriendlyfood Earth-Friendly Food
from the series How to Be Earth Friendly
Grades 3 4
"relevant and exceptional"
—Kat Goldin, Grapevine Middle School
drawinglegendarymonsters Drawing Legendary Monsters
Grade 4

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