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Grades 7 – 12

For more than sixty years, Rosen Young Adult has been a trusted go-to resource for teens, parents, librarians, counselors, and teachers who are seeking books that explore these situations, while speaking to the teen experience exclusively.

Our books tackle challenging, intriguing, and high-interest topics, presenting unbiased narratives that are often supported with thought-provoking analytical activities and next-step guidelines. We provide such additional features to further develop critical thinking skills.

Rosen Young Adult in Reviews
"the need-to-know topics will drive readers to dig in"
faqteenlifeFAQ: Teen Life
Grades 5  6
"informative and fun at the same time"
—School LIbrary Journal
commodities How Commodities Trading Works
from the series Real World Economics
Grade 6
"a great series dealing with current topics"
—Carolyn Bason, Denton High School
Grade 6
"this series is sure to find a large readership"
—School Library Journal
mostdaringraidsThe Most Daring Raids in History
Grade 7
"a good value for reference"
—Fran Rader, Cleburne HS
from the series Contemporary Issues
Grade 9



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