Rosen Publishing EBooks

Our eBooks are complete electronic versions of our print books including all text and images, along with other features such as fact boxes, timelines, table of contents, images, glossaries, indexes, and resource sections. Our eBooks are made available through, an eBook hosting website whose platform is designed with institutional customers' needs specifically in mind.

The platform allows users to search content across all purchased titles, bookmark and highlight selected passages, and print or save selected sections of any title. Users can access the eBook collection any time and anywhere on any platform with web access.

A FREE 30-DAY TRIAL of is available here: This free trial will allow you to experience the power of the platform while accessing our sample titles from preschool through high school levels.

Establishing an account takes just a few moments, to find out more about the free trial account, please contact Customer Service (877) 777-3103. For more information about our eBooks, please contact Rosen Publishing Group Customer Service: (800) 237-9932.

Rosen Publishing eBooks are ordered directly from us, just like any other print title and then loaded into your account. You will receive a confirming email once your eBook order is processed and your selected eBooks are loaded into your account.

Rosen Publishing unconditionally guarantees its eBooks and their use on the account. If you are not satisfied with your purchase for any reason, please contact Customer Service.

Schools and Public libraries receive a 25% discount off the list price of the eBook when you order directly from Rosen Publishing. This price is reflected in red on the website. Pricing and availability of all eBooks on the website are subject to change without notice.


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