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Britannica Educational Publishing in association with Rosen Educational Services present authoritative, fascinating reference books that help students develop a deeper understanding of core subjects and current events.

Each book—also available in eBook format—serves as a thorough introduction to core subjects and events that shape the world. Painstaking research serves as the foundation for accessible text that gives both the background and analysis needed to satisfy a curious mind or address academic needs.

Encyclopædia Britannicas reputation for accurate, authoritative information makes these books ideal resources.

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Fall 2011 Spotlight—Full Color Releases
Introduction to Biology
Countless biological processes enable the existence of all organisms and facilitate their interactions with the living and nonliving world around them. The microscopic structures and intricate mechanisms that make up these processes—from those that regulate the heartbeat of a child. . .MORE

The Solar System
People have always been filled with wonder when staring at a starry sky. From the planets that join Earth in rotating around our life-giving sun to the distant stars and galaxies, these celestial bodies have intrigued the human imagination. Promising limitless opportunity for exploration and endless fuel for scientific inquiry. . .MORE

Inside Sports
Synthesizing strategy and grace, athletic activity is much more than an exhibition of physical dexterity or a battle of brawn. From schoolyard scrimmages to professional-level championship tournaments, competition thrives alongside camaraderie, as teams seek to defend. . . MORE

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The Britannica Educational Publishing eBook Collection


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We've created a collection of the Britannica Educational Publishing Library—in eBook format. This master eBook collection serves as a thorough introduction to core subjects and events that shape our world. The 18 different subject sets are the culmination of the meticulous work of distinguished authors, contributors, and researchers. Straightforward, accessible narratives are supported by detailed photographs, illustrations, charts, fact panels, maps, and unique primary source materials. The sets meet curriculum standards within history, science, political science, social studies, philosophy, and math. Navigable detailed tables of contents, appendices, and indexes create an effortless research experience for report writers and essay work.
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