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Grades 5 – 8+

Since 1993, Rosen Central has given a comprehensive, thoughtful voice to the middle school experience.

We offer an incredible seasonal selection of works that provide insight into the self and into the events, issues, and conflicts of the world that matter most to middle schoolers.

Rosen Central in Reviews
"perfect for tweens"
—Barbara Moon, Suffolk Cooperative Library System
werewolves Werewolves: Stories of Deadly Shape-shifters
from the series Graphic Tales of the Supernatural
Grade 5
"these titles will work well in libraries"
—School LIbrary Journal
"a well-written nonfiction book. . .HIGHLY RECOMMENDED"
—Betty Waits, Wheat Middle School
hunting Waterfowl
from the series
Hunting: Pursuing Wild Game!
Grade 5
"all in all, loved this series"
—Diane Chen, John F. Kennedy Middle School
incrediblydisgustingfoodIncredibly Disgusting Food
Grades 5 – 8
"well laid out with a clean design. . .RECOMMENDED"
—Library Media Connection
dgitalinformationlit Digital and Information Literacy
Grade 6
"a nice package for basic science"
—School Library Journal
"highly informative and an asset to middle school libraries"
—Kat Goldin, Grapevine Middle School
sciencesimple Science Made Simple
Grade 7




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