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The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Hinduism (2 Volume Set)
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Reading Level:
Grade 9
Interest Level:
Grades 9 – 12
At Level Resource
500 pp.
8 1/2" x 11"
Black-and-White Photographs, Glossary, Index

The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Hinduism (2 Volume Set)

• From Abhang to Zodiac, these two volumes
contain over 2,500 thoroughly cross-referenced entries
that clearly define terms and concepts related to the
beliefs, practices, and history of Hinduism.

• Complete with black-and-white photos illustrating
architectural, biographical, geographical, and
mythological entries.

• Charts and maps provide added information.

• 16 category indexes direct the reader to related terms.

• 81?4 x 11

• Library-bound

• 1,000 pages (500 pages per volume)

• Copyright 2002

Hinduism is a vastly important world religion not only because of its mythology and philosophy but also on account of its rich cultural traditions. Whether through epic narratives of love and war by Sanskrit poets, the drama and devotion of Hindu dancers, or the teachings of yoga masters, the spread of Hinduism has enriched the lives of people throughout the world.

This inclusive, two-volume encyclopedia contains entries on the history, practices, and beliefs of Hinduism, as well as the art and architecture, medicine, sects and social groups, and geographical centers of the religion. It is an essential and highly valuable resource for every reference collection.

James G. Lochtefeld, Ph.D., teaches religion at Carthage College, where he specializes in Hinduism and Indian philosophy.


Book Review: The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Hinduism
"A major achievement of scholarly research, organization, and analysis, this book is recommended for both public and academic reference collections."
--Library Journal

Book Review:
"Recommended for reference collections in public and other libraries as needed."
--American Reference Books Annual

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