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Understanding Religions
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Grade 8
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Grades 7 – 12
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Ages 14 – 18
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Understanding Religions

Around the world and for thousands of years, people have studied, had faith, and fought for their religious beliefs. This series takes a look at some major religions across the globe. These colorful, dynamically-designed books explore the history, beliefs, and culture surrounding each religion. Your readers will receive a strong foundational understanding while being inspired to learn more about the various practices of religious devotion and worship across cultures.

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Book Review: Judaism
"Far from a quick overview, this detailed title in the Understanding Religious series is quite dense and scholarly at times, with authoritative discussion on origins and history and with separate chapters on sacred texts, persons, space, and time, as well as on ethical principles, death and the afterlife, and society and religion...The open design with colored screens and quality reproductions will attract browsers, and some will go on to examine the detail about history and doctrine."

Series Review: Understanding Religions
"Thorough research and concise writing brand this series. Each volume discusses origins and historical development; aspects of the divine; sacred texts, persons, space, and time; ethical principles; death and the afterlife; and society and religion. Each chapter includes an extract from a sacred text followed by analysis and commentary. Terms and ideas that are unique to the religion are explained clearly within context..."
--School Library Journal

Book Review: Buddhism
"Well-written text and excellent quality color photographs and illustrations blend to produce an attractive format...the straightforward text is written in a concise and understandable style. A good introduction to the development and growth of Buddhism throughout the world. This title and others in the series will be a valuable tool in the understanding of world religions. Recommended for all high school library collections."
--K. McIntire, Selwyn School

Book Review: Hinduism
"'Hinduism' hits all the major areas of interest for teens wanting to know more about this religion. Not only does the author explain the beginnings and historical aspects of Hinduism, but she also explains in great detail what it means to those who follow it, customs, ethics, people involved and how society interacts with the religion. This is an excellent source for research or general knowledge that students will enjoy reading."
--Carolyn Bason, Denton High School

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    • ISBN: 978-1-4358-5621-9
    • Reading Level: Grade 8
    • Interest Level: Grades 7 – 12
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