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A Young Man's Guide to Contemporary Issues
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Grades 8 – 9
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Grades 9 – 12
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A Young Man's Guide to Contemporary Issues

Even with the establishment of equality between men and women, boys and girl still have unique educational, emotional and social needs. This thoughtful series deftly discusses the perils and pitfalls of growing up male, and helps boys cope with the challenges they may face in productive, healthy ways. Each book coaches readers to be thoughtful and proactive in different areas of their lives, from sexuality and relationships to education and careers. A volume on bullying and aggression teaches young men how to manage their anger and resolve conflicts nonviolently. All of the books discuss stereotypes of masculinity and provide positive, diverse models of manhood.


Series Review: A Young Man's Guide to Contemporary Issues
"This series addresses major issues facing teens today. Masculinity, Bullying and Aggression is a particularly timely resource for stimulating discussion on bullying. Using logic that will resonate with boys, the author argues that traditional masculine traits like courage, strength, and aggression can be expressed in healthy and constructive ways through sports, standing up for bullied peers, or simply being true to one's own beliefs."
--Library Media Connection

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