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Animals of Latin America / Animales de Latinoamérica
Library Set
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Reading Level:
Grade 2
Interest Level:
K – Grade 5
At Level Resource
Ages 5 – 11
24 pp.
8" x 8"
Full-color Photographs, Glossary, Index, Web Sites, Word Pronunciation Guide

Animals of Latin America / Animales de Latinoamérica


This bilingual eBook set provides information about the animals that make their homes in Latin America. Each eBook explains the cultural and economic significance of each animal. The text also highlights what role these animals play in folklore and traditions of Latin American countries. Your readers will learn basic life cycle information on animals as diverse as Latin America itself.

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Series Review: Animales de Latinoamérica
"Children will enjoy reading about these extraordinary creatures and will learn about their cultural connections in two languages. RECOMMENDED."
--Library Media Connection

Series Review:
"The texts, which consist of a few sentences per page, are clearly written, informative, and lively. The English appears on top, with the excellent Spanish translation below. The large font will appeal to beginning readers. Each page of text faces a full-page photograph of the featured animal along with a fun fact?"
--Library Journal

Book Review on: Llamas and Latin American Camels
"The book presents basic information using concise language and interesting photographs. It shows the relationship between animals in the same family and introduces new vocabulary in the text and provides explanations of vocabulary words in the glossary. Latin American or animal units could be enhanced by using the book in the classroom."
--Lana McGehee, Paradise Elementary

Book Review on: Piranhas and Other Creatures of the Amazon
"The book gives good basic information on wildlife in the Amazon River. It could be used with a unit on South America or animal habitats."
--Lana McGehee, Paradise Elementary

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